Back to school: First week, lost in Silicon Valley

Aug 16: It’s 5 am. “I supposed to be in my network class” I say, even the different time zome and the fact I’m a little bit drunk, I clearly remember I’m loosing a class. Today is my last day working at Facebook and maybe is the first day I would arrive late at work. Apparently, ( after looking for my position in google maps) I’m in an appartment in San Mateo. I just followed my friends to their place. Movies, friends and wine, it was a great night. But now, I have to go to work, and I can’t remember where should I take the shuttle. My friends are still sleeping, apparently they are bounded , in some strange way (are they a couple? Don’t know, don’t care) . Suddenly, all my thinkings just dissapear, I realize my time here is gone. Tomorrow I’ll be back in Guadalajara, and this internship will be just a dream.

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