The Deadline: Chapter 6 & 7

There’s some point in life, when we have to decide who is gonna be part of our projects.
Sometimes, this decision is pretty easy and unconsious, like, choosing a dancing partner, or maybe who will be your team for the next
school homework.

If get the right dancing partner is difficult, how complex could be hiring?
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Sometimes this decision implies money, and therefore, huge consequences.

Let’s talk about hiring.

According to the Deadline book, to get the right people while hiring, it’s necessary 4 basic elements:


Most of the ability to hire, comes from the experience. This sound pretty obvious, but it has sense.
It’s practically imposible to know someone in a couple of sheets of paper from a resume. The momment the interview becomes ( or even before ) you could have the chance of observe this traits you need in your employee.
Observation. It’s all about it. People who unconsiously develops this skill call it guts.

Observe your candidates, watch their steps . . .
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The novel show us that this process of watching little details about our interviewee goes far from the actual interview. At the novel they had the facility of meeting the interviewee last coworkers.
This could lead us to draw an important conclusion: We could know somebody way better from their interactions with other people. If we could observe this kind of scenarios, we take advantage.

But for me it arises a little problem: What happens when I don’t have enough experience nor time to make mistakes?

Well, I don’t think we could get a shortcut for this, but It could be very helpful keep the eye awake and observing all intentions and actions from others. For me this has been helpful to refine my sight.


I’m not gonna get tired of say this. We are people. Your colleagues are, your employees are. Somedays we are having a bad day. Somedays we need a bright light in our days. Be that light, and when you can’t, don’t be rude with others. This world needs more empathy.


Hiring is like building a family. But in contrast with families, you could choose your partners. Be wise, have this idea in mind everytime you have to choose someone for a job, for a team, etcetera. Get people to get strong bounds.

You spend 40 hrs/week with them. . . It could be nive if you get nice bounds.
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Have you ever had in this situation where every thing looks fine, but you know somehow something doesn’t match?

Well, trust in yourself.

The ugly side of work: Burnout

One of my biggest fears, is one day waking up, realizing all my work I’ve done doesn’t matter anymore and I don’t care about anything. It happened me before, and it’s awful. It took me months to recover.

Burnout, It could happen to anyone. Take care of you.
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Burnout is real, it could happen to you at any time of life. Doesn’t matter who you are, how old or successful.

In order to avoid this issue, we should be aware we are not machines. As I’ve been saying, we are people. We have flaws, we get tired!! And, most importantly, we shoud hear our bodies and give us a rest once in a while.
Say no, say stop is healthy.

This little paragraph is just a little reminder, we should take care of ourselves.

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