The deadline Chapter 10

It’s Saturday night, who in the world would be reading Management novels by now?

Me, reading at Saturday night.
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After reading the current chapter, my perspective of this book change completely. Having a physics background, I’ve learned that “If you can image something, then you can model it”. Till now, in the novel the author have been presented ideas about management which are most oriented to define good practices in soft skills management. And, don’t get me wrong, this is great and very useful, but there is necessary in someway measure and predict results.

Measure is necessary to get better results.
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“If you can image something, then you can model it”

This idea is applyable also in management. This work enviroment could be treated as a system. And, if it’s a system, it will have inputs, outputs, tuneable quantites and constants in it.

I love the way how the author represents the work enviroment as a system, it looks very similar like an Automatic Control System.

For example, the usable workers model looks pretty similar like a water pipelines system, and the results looks pretty similar in an analogous situation.

I could say we can evaulate a model as correct ( even if the system to simulate is not a physical system) if you can find these two characteristics in it:

  • It covers the most important elements which could alter the system. The most significative variables.
  • It has some analogous characteristics with natural systems.

Why modeling?

Remember that in the last blog we say one the most important ideas of management is control risks and cut your losses?

How could you know if something is a risk or if that element could transform into a loss if you can’t watch the future outcomes? Simulating them!

How could you find the most optimal solution, without trying all possiblilties, which is per se non optimal? Simulating!

As a manager, you should know what is the best call, what is the most optimal quantity, and why.

Simulating situations could help us to get better calls.
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In contrast, we have to keep in mind, those systems are not perfectly model, that’s why most of the times, the best model needs an heuristical approach to get the best results.

Interaction loss

Something I didn’t think before, is that communication in a group could be a loss in huge teams. In the end, the number of interactions are in the order of O(n^2), which if we considere it, it’s huge.

Security tip

Don’t forget security it’s important! As Mr T’s. lawyer says, keep your passwords in your head! A good security system should have at least 2 Factor Auth, using at least 2 different elements of the list:

  • something you are
  • something you know
  • something you have

I think that’s enough for this chapter. A few powerful ideas which we could apply in our everyday lifes, and of course, in management.

See ya!

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