The deadline Chapter 11

We all love daydreaming and we usually do for any context, including (and lots of times ) for laboral situations.

As Mr T. said, it would be the best picture if we have “a supportive manager above and competent people and challenging work below”.

Once again, we could start deaming how this utopian situation could be, as exciting and relaxed as a trip accross a vineyard.

Src. Giphy

But we know, reality most of the times is far away from our sweetest dreams.

Mr. Belok. The dark face of politics, economics and presure.

Mr. Belok, according how he sound for a manager. Src. Giphy

The truth is, most of the times, work enviroments are involved by politics, requirements, goals, deadlines, gains, losses, money money, money.

As a good manager, we should being flexible enough to adapt any changes it could happen meanwhile the project is developed.

As Mr T. says at the end of the chapter, “Pathological politics can crop UP anywhere, even in the healthiest organization”. We are not safe of politics, because work enviroments ( as real world ) is always changing.

Sometimes is not because of some devil guy who want’s to spoil everithing up, but because of external causes.

At some point in my life, while I was working in certain enterprise, I was present in a Q&A where the CEO announces that the enterprise had to change its internal politics in order to adjust to the newest laws. It was surprising to hear, in this kind of huge company, lots of engineers arguing and yelling, complaining about all the extra work they had to do, ( and the changes about the way they were working till that moment).

Mark Z. at F8. Src. Giphy

Changes are real stuff. How could we handle this kind of situations?

Well, is not that easy. Before I said we should be flexible enough to adapt, but also is necessary be clever.

In the lecture, the author represents this cleverness trought the Marklov’s decision of keep running secretly teams B and C of each project.

To me, it’s difficult to define how clever we should be in difficult calls, but this comes easily if you have the correct people arround you.

One thing I should say. Cleverness is not being a salmon aganist the politics flow, is to encause both objetives to the same path, or in the worst case, doing stuff that achieves both set of goals.

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