The deadline chapter 12

Once in a while, I can’t sleep. During those nights of insomnia, I tend to overthink. Among those relfections and constant rolling over in my bed, sometimes I think why am I doing what I’m doing.

I n s o m n i a, my usual f(r)iend. Src. Giphy

The novel puts in a clear way the usual reasons why people does what they do. Is for help humanity? Is for make something awesome? Is just for fun? Is because there is no other way to live?

By now, I have been drawn the conclusion there is not a correct answer. Just make whatever you want, and if you neither want it nor is a need, just drop it, and go on.

Each people has their own standards, maybe, the most valuable in life for someone is being free and enjoy a good stared night ( like Belinda in the novel ) or make something with some meaning.

The curious part here is, that special meaning is giving it by us. At the end, is just about finding something which you give the meaning you need in order to keep waking up, everyday, to do whatever you have to do.

The end of this charapter had lead me to some interesting ideas, like, the burn out syndrome has a simple antidote: found other activities which, could be meaningful to you.

Find your motivations. Keep working hard. Src. Giphy

Metrics in a project

This project talked about some metrics, but I think all those ideas were too much complex for the intentions of these blogs. As I said the last course, the key for develop code in a rapid – clean way, is breaking down the project in minimum, doable operations. This approach could be used to measure code, counting minimum operations, subsistems, instances or entities.

For any operation ( like writing this blog) if we break down the project in little tasks ( define little task in your own way, but be consistent) it could be very easy to have a great estimate of our task and therefore of our deadlines.

Like in fruits, to manage a project ( or eat a fruit) cut it down into pieces. Src. Giphy

The only thing is missing here is how to get consistency about how measure. To get that skill is just by getting experience. How? Measuring every task you have. Like in the novel they start researching data from other projects, we should start getting our pool of task done, and evaluating how much time are we wasting.

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