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Home Office

Two weeks ago, on Friday to be exact, I went out from my databases lecture, with a terrible headache. I had plans for that night, which meant a lot for me, because I don’t use to go partying at night. Sadly, had to cancell them because I didn’t feel good.

My kriptonite, Headaches. Source Giphy

In that moment, I coudn’t image that night would be the last night I could go out in a while.

Now, most of us are stuck in our homes, trying to do our work or study from home. For most of us, this is a new and unexpected experience.

Overall, I heard some people who thinks this pandemic could be an opportunity to migrate lots of works in a permanet way to home officing. But, is this new work experience better than going to the office? Which are the cons an pros of switching to this «new» working paradigm?

IBM Headquarters.
Src: http://pcworld.com.mx/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/IBM-headquarters-710×434.png

In 2007 IBM announced they would terminate with home office. All their employees should have an physical office.
Their reason? According to experts they couldn’t handle iterative processes where the effects of the changes on the projects should have been answered in real time.

Facebook Inc gives to their employees the flexiblity of working from home some days, but they didn’t have in their policies home office at all. Due this pandemic, it’s the first time this company let their workers do home office.
In contrast, there are IT companies, like Cisco, which they are proud their workers doesn’t have a fixed office and they have the freedom of work from home any time they need. Even though they have pretty good blogs, giving advice how to handle home office for those who are new in this experience.

We could notice there are different perspectives and opinions from each company about Home Office. As humans, we are a social specie and it’s way better to communicate with others in a face to face way. On the other hand, the flexibility provided by working at home looks tempting for this contemporary world.

In my experience, I’ve hated so far home office, but, after a little bit of introspection I realized which are the causes of my disagreement.

10 Things I hate/love about home office.

What I hate

1.-I’ve stuck with my family almost 24/7 at home for 2 weeks. I love them, but it’s quite difficult interact everyday if we don’t set some rules about personal space.

2.-Noise. My home is to noise most part of the day. My home is small, I can even hear the neighbours sometimes. My sister ( 9yrs) gets bored easily, and she’s constantly signing, narrating an invented story or talking with herself. My mom’s constantly hears YT videos in the maximum volume without earphones. TV is on most of the times. Always there are some noice. And this is getting on my nerves. I miss last summer, when I was living alone in my own room.

3.-I don’t have a proper space for working at home. My father is also home officing and he took my desk. I have felt for years I don’t have privacy or a proper space for me at home. It sucks but I have to deal with it.

I have to admit, some lectures I’ve taken I was in the weirdest places. Src Giphy

4.-Professors are giving us more and more homework, but also they expect we spend the whole class online. People is freaking out, also are some professors. I don’t know if it’s because they think if we are from home we won’t learn. In my opinion, we could learn even more, seeking for books, essays or blogs of our interest. Also, we could focus better in our projects because we have this time fexibility.

5.-There are activities which is very uncomfortable to do from home. Working in teams it’s specially difficult, more in projects which are not programming oriented. I had lot’s of meetings which are a total waste of time.

6.-Spam from almost social media. Nowadays, most of my notifications from Facebook or even from WhatsApp are from school. I can’t have my 5 minutes of scrolling down watching memes at Fb, because most of the content is about COVID-19 or from some of the groups from one of my lectures.

In my opinion, we need social media distancing. Gif Src. Giphy

7.-Most of the online lectures are useless. I have face some of them in which the professor just ennumerates some content which we could easily read from books or blogs. For other professors it looks very difficult explaing without using a whiteboard or explain using the computer. Should we have our lectures as a long monologue from our professor or it should be more like a constructive dialog? In my opinion both ways could work, but it deppend of the topic and character of the professor.

Things I love about home officing

1.- I don’t need to drive. I hate traffic and for me is so valuable saving 70 minutes in driving everyday because I’m not going to school.

2.- X2 Speed is my best friend. Now lectures are recorded, I could miss all of them, and watch them after at X2 speed. I haven’t tried, but I will in those classes where my pressence is not needed. It could be useful to save time.

3.- Flexibility. If you have enough discipline, your schedule could be more relaxed. This situation have led me to focus better in some projects and still enjoy with my sister more valuable time playing.


Home Office is not as easy as I thought. You need lot’s of discipline and organization in order to survive to all the work. On the other hand, we need being more concious this situation is happening to everyone, therefore we need to be empathic and patient with others.

I think, I could be able of doing home office, without problem in other social context, and maybe not home officing all days, but more in a hybrid scenario.

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